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Introducing Avara and Announcing Our Acquisition of Family

Avara and Family

Today marks a monumental day for our team, the community, and the broader web3 landscape. We are thrilled to introduce Avara, the evolved identity of Aave Companies, now serving as the parent entity for our burgeoning portfolio of brands that include Aave, Lens, GHO, and others. Simultaneously, we're delighted to announce the acquisition of Los Feliz Engineering (LFE), the innovative team behind Family—a brand that shares our commitment to building high-quality web3 products, like its standout self-custody Ethereum wallet for mobile and the popular ConnectKit developer library.

Avara and Family

Our transformation to Avara and the integration of Family into our fold are not mere changes in name or structure. These are significant strides toward our ultimate mission: an open, decentralized internet that's equitable, inspires participation, and fosters innovation. Our objective is to disrupt a web landscape where the majority of power and control is held by a few internet giants. With the addition of Family and the LFE team, led by Benji Taylor, who takes up the role of our new SVP of Product & Design, we're solidifying our intent and capability to make web3 accessible to a larger audience.

Avara will remain deeply committed to advancing decentralized finance, through Aave Labs. Notably, we’ve been the driving force behind the latest Aave V3 update and the recent launch of the Aave-native GHO stablecoin. Our dedication to spearheading technological innovations in the DeFi space remains unwavering, and we’re grateful to have the continued support of the Aave community.

In the era of web3, individual ownership, control, and portability are reshaping the way we interact online – making us all liquid citizens of the internet. As a creative and engineering-centric team, our enthusiasm is stoked by the limitless possibilities that the web3 world opens up—solving various challenges and contributing to an open, balanced ecosystem.

Under the Avara umbrella, each of our brands will adhere to our core principles, mirroring our dedication to high-quality design, usability, and functionality. Our passion to build transformative products that people use and love fuels us as we continue to develop in DeFi, social and other spaces. As we grow, our unwavering focus remains on living up to the trust and high expectations that you, our community, place in us.

Whether you're a startup looking to build from the ground up in web3 or an existing business keen to add decentralized features, Avara aims to serve as the go-to brand for state-of-the-art web3 features and services that can seamlessly integrate into any application.

Avara and Family

As web3 capabilities increasingly become interwoven into the fabric of the next-gen internet, we believe this transformation will foster new businesses and offer a fair playing field, creating a vibrant web3 ecosystem that benefits all participants—users, creatives, applications, networks, algorithms, protocols, and DAOs alike.

We're filled with immense excitement for what lies ahead—endless opportunities in an expansive, inclusive web3 landscape. Here's to forging ahead with more groundbreaking products and to a future where anything is possible. Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

Stani Kulechov

The name “Avara” is inspired by the Finnish word meaning “extensive,” “open,” “spacious,” and “inclusive,” and colloquially stands for “seeing more than you see.”